Why Canada has mass immigration

There are really only 2 Reasons for Mass Immigration

1: Cheap Labour
2: Lay the Ground work for Fascism

Cheap Labour

I was born into a world of just under 2 Billion people, by the late 70’s in high school I worked at a grocery store making $14/hr on a night crew. At 18 I could buy a house while still in college. A semi detached cost $40,000 and a new corolla $2,200. That is not a fantasy that is the way it was before mass immigration of the 80’s and 90’s.

In a world of 2 Billion there was simply more to go around. So why does our government want more people competing for the same jobs? The answer of course is that they represent the corporate class and not the working class.

The rich see the poor as a buffer; the rich will survive whatever befalls us; The ecosystem we depend on for survival is under threat, It is those at the bottom that feel the pain not those at the top.

Lay the Ground work for Fascism

Multi-culturalism was the brainchild of Pierre Trudeau famously he idolized fascists, the likes of Stalin, Mao and Castro, he had a history of supporting fascists and oh how he loved to travel.

~He was in Ghana when Communist Kwame Nkrumah took control.
~He was in Algeria when Communist Ahmed Ben Bella took over.
~He was in Cuba in 1961, at about the time of the Bay of Pigs, the U.S. Coast Guard picked him up and deported Pierre to Canada
~He returned to Cuba in 1964, He doesn’t say what happened there. Neither does Fidel.

Sadly Pierre Elliot found Canada a poor hotbed of civil unrest. Yes Quebec wanted to separate but that would not lead to the revolution he wanted. Canada lacked the new poor, the racial strife, the turmoil that made his fascist ideation a possibility.

Excellent articles on the groundwork for fascism can be found in the writings of Eric Hoffer, Karl Pollanyi and Umberto Eco


Canada is a vast country of rock and gravel with arable land about the size of France and England combined. We are actually a small country on the edge of a vast gravel plain and rock outcrop.

Our population is stable and like Turkey or Finland we have no need for mass immigration. We do not have an over population problem other than immigration. Our population problems entirely self inflicted, our supply of necessities exceeds the people unlike other parts of the world where poverty is created by the number of people exceeding the supply of basic goods. Our government in the name of lowering wages, increasing GDP and consuming for the sake of consuming is planning on brining in 500,000 new immigrants a year for the next 5 years.

500,000 a year from Africa

Africa is overpopulated, many are starving. The average famly still has 4, 5 or 6 children. Families with 10 and more children are not uncommon. Africa has a people problem and we will take the most highly educated from countries like Niger, Uganda, Zambia and Somalia. We will; like every good colonial power; take the doctors and engineers from the poorest overpopulated places, further exasperating their suffering and raping thier infrastructure.

Ahmed Hussen

Why so many from Africa? Canada s mass Immigration plan was concieved by former Minister Ahmed Hussen a refugee from Somalia. Hussen sees Canada as “a nation of immigrants.” Perhaps not realizing that in 1970 before his arrival 70% of Canadians had grandparents that were born here. Canada is not a nation of immigrants it is still largely a nation of English and French.

Background Immigration a success at stagnating wages

The success of the Canadian immigration programs is primarily to the benefit of corporatism. We have stagnated wages in Canada for the last 40 years and that is of course the point of the program. We are not going to solve the population problem in the Philippines with thier 200+ million poeple by having them come to the limited arable land we have in Canada. In fact the ones who do come and send money home are the very definition of colonials, extracting wealth and returning it home.

How is an influx of 500,000 immigrants a year is going to affect you

4 ways

1: Higher property taxes
2: More equity hiring, human rights complaints
3: More crowding, congestion on the roads, hospitals and schools
4: Fundamental changing of your culture as Canadians.

1: Higher municipal property taxes

The province recently passed legislation that gives mayors of Toronto and Ottawa veto power over bylaws that conflict with provincial priorities, such as building housing. We have a housing crisis now without a half a million people new “Canadians” a year translating into hundreds of thousands of new people to Vancouver, Edomonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.

We do not have the housing for the people here, now, so we have to change our laws to build houses faster. “So, hopefully they’ll be able to use it to build attainable and affordable homes. The powers are meant as a tool to cut through bureaucracy and the not-in-my-backyard crowd” Premier Ford said. In other words you have no say. The new arrivals we be in your backyard.

Those fees collected from new construction pay for roads, transit, sewers, water and other projects. So who is going to pay for the subsidized housing for this wave of 500,000 new immigrants from Africa, you are, in higher property taxes or lower levels of city services.

If we do not build these new black immigrants homes we are of course racist bastards perpetuating systemic racism and exerting our white privilege. So the Immigration minister from Somalia is flooding the country with Aricans and Mr “I am sorry” Trudeau is putting downward pressure on Ford to push the cost down to you and me and our city property taxes.

The end result super mayors over ride zoning and build over our green belts to accommodate people from away.

2: More equity hiring, human rights complaints

Canada was 97% white in 1970, 50 years later 70% white, the whites here the longest are doing the best, families accumulate wealth, that is called “systemic racism”.

In Canada, a government job is a sweet ride, above average wages, indexed pensions, and no real accountability to the bottom line. Canadas propaganda arm; the CBC is working to “accelerate progress” on its Diversity and Inclusion Plan, citing “troubling” stories from employees who have reported being affected by racism both personally and professionally while working at CBC.

The directive sets out a hiring quota for senior positions as well as a target to retain and promote more minorities. Forget about ability, its your colour that matters. There were stories after all. In fact “Half of all new hires for executive and senior management positions will be Visible minorities, and Retention and promotion rates for these people will be doubled. Your tax dollars at work undermining your career if you are not “visible”

In other words by bringing in Asians, Blacks, South East Indians to a predominately white country the white people have to not only be friendly and smile about it but you have to give up the best jobs at large corporations, the CBC, universities and any other workplace who joins the diversity is great bandwagon for fear of being outed as a racist.

If you disagree you are a racist hate monger who has the white privilege of wage stagnation brought on by the masses of new “visible” arrivals all of whom require more support.

It gets more offensive with Trudeau’s announcement of the Black Entrepreneurship Program, to help support Black business owners and entrepreneurs while also building upon the country’s goal to address the systemic racism brought on by thier immigration.

I searched for an Irish fund, a Scottish fund, a Swedish fund, but suprisingly none were found. It seems only Blacks need this gift from the Canadian government.

A $221-million program along with funds from RBC, BMO, Scotiabank, CIBC, National Bank, TD, Vancity, and Alterna Savings — to create a new Black entrepreneurship loan program which will provide only Black entrepreneurs with loans between $25,000 and $250,000. Another $53 million from the federal government will go toward helping blacks access funding, capital, mentorship, financial planning services and business training, while $6.5 million will go support collecting data on the state of Black entrepreneurship in Canada.

If this is not racism I do not know what is.

3: More crowding, congestion on the roads, hospitals and schools

Studies by the Fraser Institute say immigrants are imposing a “fiscal burden” of about $20 billion a year on Canadian taxpayers and recommends a number of radical changes to the country’s immigration selection process, including bringing an end to the sponsorship of parents and grandparents. They recommend getting rid of the current system altogether, because it relies on decisions made by politicians on issues which are virtually unknowable. in others words they do not make sense.

So what does this 20 billion dollar a year burden mean, its about 2 thousand dollars a year for each of the 10 million working Canadians, its the traffic congestion as you drive to work, its the long wait lines at hospitals, its the crowding in schools and the lack of support for your children, its the services you simply cannot get because they are being given to people who have not contributed for the last 30 or 40 years. They just show up and if they do not get exactly what you and your family have worked for, for generations its systemic racism. If they do not get the best government jobs and a raise soon after to supervisor that also is systemic racism and your a racist person of privilege if you can not see it.

4: Fundamental changing of your culture as Canadians.

50 years ago, pre Trudeau 1 or 2, Canada was 97% of European Decent and had been for the previous 200 years. True there were about 2,000 blacks in Nova Scotia, a few thousand more Asians on the west coast but less than 1% native, 1% Asian and the balance a mixture. Canada was a white European country. Famous as a peace keeper, Toronto was known as Toronto the Good and the characterisations of Ontario as boring was well earned. It was a boring protestant place, Quebec largely a boring Roman Catholic place and that was Canada’s culture in a nut shell. No Drama. if you were poor you were lazy or a drunk. If you did not get into university your just were not smart enough. No longer, now you are the victim of systemic racism.

So why do this act of cultural, economic suicide ?

The plan bring in people from around the world, why, to make the conflicting groups easier to manipulate and drive the country towards fascism. I am sure Pierre Elliot was reading the writing of Tofler and Pollyani who were both warning against the root causes of fascism. Sadly he used the knowledge to create the conditions to make fascism ripe rather than to put in place checks to prevent it.

Weird Sly Kip Nov 16 2022

8 Billion people.